UnBoost Your New Frame


With many new frames using the new BOOST 148mm standard, you may have recently purchased a new frame or found one under the Christmas tree that uses that new spacing. What could be a potential problem for you however, is trying to use your existing wheels with your new BOOST-spaced frame.
Well, there is now a MADE IN THE USA solution now for you to use your existing wheels with your new frame.
D.Fender is a company making a spacing kit that will convert the 148mm spacing to the more conventional 142mm.


You will need to space your disc brake appropriately, but this is a great step in the right direction for those of us who love the new frames available with the 148mm spacing, but also love our 142mm hubs that we already own.

Get your D.Fender UN-BOOST-SPACER-KIT  by clicking the link below.


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