Three Toes Threadworks – Stem Bag: Long Term Review

Three Toes Threadworks sent us these stem bags over a year ago.
While we often show other products immediately after we receive them to let you know what we are testing and why we are interested in the product, bikepacking bags are a piece of gear that we don’t want to get hopes up for, in case they fail. Only after we have tested them over a significant period of time, to ensure we aren’t showcasing an unreliable product for the intended purpose of use, will we then start discussing what we liked or didn’t like.
While we had an issue on the first ride with the initial set of bags, the integrity, forthcoming honesty, and willingness to go above and beyond expectations to make this situation right is tremendous.
We honestly can’t find anything we don’t like about these stem bags!

Check out TTT and their whole line of pre-built, as well as custom bikepacking bags here:

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