Surly Dirt Wizard 29×3 Measurements

The 29plus Dirt Wizards are starting to show up now in shops around the country.
When mounted up on a 50mm wide Surly Rabbit Hole rim, it appears that they are more of a 2.8″ width when measured from outside knobs edge to outside knobs edge as shown here


They are weighing in at just over 1000g.


Now to find out if they tear as easily as the Knards do on their sidewalls.

More coming soon.

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  • Jan Posted May 2, 2015 9:09 pm

    Put the caliper on there again after a ride or two. You might get lucky: My recently purchased 3″ 29er Knard grew 3/16″ the first week.

    I have another set of Knards so far lasting 1600 miles of loaded Southwest touring without tears, or for that matter appreciable knob wear. On the other hand my friend on his ICT junks tires of any brand several times a year. YMMV.

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