Sub $1000 Plus Bike: Marin Pine Mountain 1

Photos and text provided by Sam Johnstone for Ride Alongside.


The Marin 2016 Pine Mountain 1 is a high value plus bike, with a MSRP of only $989. The PM1 is spec’d nicely with a SRAM X7 1×10 drivetrain, double butted 4130 cromoly steel frame with rack/fender eyelets, 4130 cromoly steel fork with rack/fender eyelets, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, 40mm wide rims, and 2.8 inch wide Kenda Havok tires.

I started riding the Marin Pine Mountain 1 about two months ago and it has been quite a ride!! This is my first foray into the B+ (AKA 27.5+) scene. The bike has exceeded my expectations at every level. For it costing less than a grand, you cant go wrong. Being 5’11” I ride a large. The geomentry and fit of the bike are great. It is quick responding and a tight turner. The 2.8 inch wide tires grab everything on climbs, I’ve stood and put the hammer down and it just goes. High speed corners are gobbled up with little slip.

With Shimano brakes, the stopping and modulation on descents is right there and the smooth SRAM shifter is quick and decisive. I kept the drivetrain setup as it came stock, a 32 tooth chainring with 11-42 cassette. I’ve been riding a titanium 29er (wtih 3×10 drivetrain) for about five years and will never give that up for really long distances, but this new platform is really fun!

The Pine Mountain 1 is a great bike as an entry level plus bike, a great second bike, or a great bike to have ready for friends that want to join you on a ride.

I’ve yet to do a really long ride on it, just 20-30 milers so far, but I’m looking forward to some long bikepacking adventures later this year. I may ride this in next year’s Stagecoach 400. I will make that decision later. All in all, the bike is great. It is pure fun to ride. Marin is coming out later this year with the Pine Mountain 3 which will have a suspension fork for around $1300. What a bargain. If you’re looking for a really good entry level B+ bike with really good components, the PM1 is a great choice!!

About Sam Johnstone:
I’ve been riding for about ten years, starting with a rigid Trek 850. I had been a runner forever and just beat my feet to death. I found this mountain biking thing to be awesome. Next, I bought a Specialized Hard Rock. I broke the frame after couple years. Then, I bought a Jamis pro something or other. I broke that frame too. That’s when I got serious. Bought a Specialized Stumpjumper 29er and the titanium 29er. Stumpy I raced at Lake Morena, where I took first in my age bracket. I raced the Stagecoach 400 in 2013, where I took 7th my first year, and 4th in 2014. In 2015, I DNF’d because of a knee issue. This year, the 2016 Stagecoach 400 was a butt kicker with the rain and heat and cold. I managed to finish 10th. Mostly I ride for fun and conditioning. One part of my workout regimen. I turn 60 this year and am looking forward to many more adventures…

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