Sheldon Brown

I was told this week, by a fellow cyclist who was testing a folding bike, that I looked like his favorite cyclist of all time,

Sheldon Brown.

If you do not know who Sheldon was, nor what he contributed to the cycling community, please click his name in the link above.

When people see the beard, they usually give me the, “Hey do people think you are Eric Weddle?” question.

I s

hrug the latter off, but the former made me blush.

Sheldon?  The guy was a legend in the cycling community.

Talk to anyone who knows anything about the Gear Ratio Calculator and they will agree.

Probably one of the best compliments I could have received from another cyclist. Thanks folding bike guy.

That is all.


Eric Weddle:

Sheldon with his eagle found on the side of the road helmet.

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