Salsa Cycles 2016 – Pony Rustler – First Impressions & Fatbike Comparison


We first introduced the Salsa Pony Rustler in this article HERE , but now we were able to see one in person!

***The Pony Rustler is listed in Ride Alongside’s regularly-updated PLUS BIKE LIST. Click HERE to see all the bikes in that list. Included are 275+ hardtail, 275+ full suspension, 29+ hardtail, and 29+ full suspension rigs.***

You can find out more about Salsa Cycles’ line of Pony Rustlers HERE

Jacob and Leonard joined me in testing out some of the 2016 Salsa Cycles’ demo fleet during the Salsa Cycles Demo Day at Lake Hodges in San Diego, CA.
They both took the 2016 Salsa Pony Rustler, a full suspension 27.5plus (AKA midfat or Bplus) trail bike and a 2016 Salsa Beargrease , more of a cross country fatbike out around the trails for testing.
Here are their thoughts, how they compared, what they are currently riding, and why they may consider purchasing one of these bikes in the near future.

Here is the video:

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