REVIEW: Absolute Black – Silicone Dual-Density MTB Enduro Grips

Absolute Black is known for their oval chainrings that are beautifully CNC machined. They aren’t known as well yet for their dual-density silicone grips, but I think that many who try them will like using them very much, as I have, over the past year.
They are made in Europe as opposed to ESI and RedMonkey silicone grips which are made in the USA. These ones are a little different compared to those however, as you will see me describe in this video. I have used ESI and RedMonkey grips for years and loved the vibration dampening and comfort they afford. These seem to be holding up a little better than both of those however and they have the rings cut into them, which I first thought was gimmicky, but now have grown to appreciate.
Absolute Black’s Silicone Dual-Density MTB Enduro Grips can be purchased directly for $36.50 and you can learn more on their website, here:

Watch the video above to see the full review.

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