Plus-Sized Tires From Schwalbe!

As mentioned on yesterday here, Schwalbe just unveiled their new plus sized tires at Sea Otter that will be available this fall for 27.5+ and plans for 29plus sized tires to come soon after that.

I, for one, am completely stoked to see Schwalbe enter this market. This company makes some of the best tires in my experience. I could easily see a 29×3.0 version of the Nobby Nic and a 27.5×3.0 version of the Rocket Ron gracing my El Mariachi as a front and rear (respectively) combination.

Schwalbe getting into this market is not just a good thing because it offers a few more tire options for those of us running plus-sized tires, but it also speaks volumes to the bicycle manufacturing world. Namely it says, “This is a viable platform that we, Schwalbe, one of the most respected bicycle tire companies in the world (which only produces tire products for bicycles, scooters, and wheelchairs), is investing in. Not just in one model or size to ‘test the waters’, but in multiple sizes and models because we want in on the ground floor.”

Get ready, more plus-sized frames and forks will be coming soon…

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