Mountain Lion Encounters?

I have yet to have a mountain lion encounter…at least where I am aware one is encountering me.

It has surely happened sometime during my mountain biking adventures sometime where I may have gone unaware, but a lion didn’t and yet it somehow decided to just watched me ride by.

I often see wildlife like the coyote I was glad to see and take a video of during my commute through Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve this morning on the way to work:

I just started seeing bobcats in this area for the first time a few years ago and was thrilled as I have lived in San Diego county most of my life, am very active in the outdoors, I also constantly stop dead in my tracks to view wildlife, yet had never seen a wild cat prior to a few years ago seeing the bobcats that seem to be more prevalent lately.

The big one, the mountain lion, has always alluded me however. I would so very much like to see one, at least on my terms, not necessarily it’s terms. I see videos or pictures or news articles about encounters with our region’s largest cat and wonder what I would do if in the same situation. I would keep my bike with me and yes, probably get my phone out, but my bike is like a fence I would try to keep between me and the large feline as much as possible.

In this video, Chris doesn’t bring his bike with him, then when the lion gets uncomfortably close, he runs to go get his bike. What I would tell my kids is, don’t run from a cat. Be big, be loud, walk away slowly. Keep your bike with you if you encounter one and decide to video tape it. Praise God Chris is ok and we get to see this video, but just be fore-warned, the hairs on the back of your neck may be standing straight up at some point while watching it.

Keep riding alongside one another,


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