More on the 29plus Wheels from Bontrager Wheelworks

We got a sneak peek at the Bontrager 29+ wheels yesterday, but today they have been revealed.

Bontrager has named them the “Line Plus” and apparently they have 110mm spacing up front, with Trek’s new axle width standard, of 148mm (AKA “Boost”) spacing on the rear wheel.

The graphics are pink/purple (really?) and the lettering matches the font and style also appearing on the Bontrager Chupacabra 29×3.0 (29plus) tires that are obviously intended to be run on this wheelset.  The wheels are TLR (TubeLess Ready) compatible which is the best thing going for these wheels from what I can see so far. Although the Chupacabra tire we are testing here at Ride Alongside aired up with a floor pump on the Velocity Blunt 35 rim, an out of the box, tubeless ready 29+ wheelset has been desired by many since the Krampus came out in 2012.


UPDATE: 100mm front and 135mm or 142mm rear spaced versions will be available as well.

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