Mavic Joins the Wide Rim Movement

Though Mavic has not unveiled wider mountain rims yet, these road wheels could be a good indication of what might be coming for those of us who prefer riding dirt.  For all the gravel grinders that are looking for high performance rims, today you might rejoice if you are a Mavic fan.  The Allroad wheels are 19mm wide, disc only, and Mavic intends for them to be paired with tires between 28 and 42mm wide.  The other new improvement is a new hub design for the Allroad wheels (also found on the new Pro Carbon SL model), called the Instant Drive 360 freehub for more of a ring-drive type engagement. No more pawls and springs needing frequent attention and lubrication apparently. Time will tell.

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Velo News Article on Mavic’s New Wider Rimmed Wheels

Watch Bike Radar’s video:


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