Is 29×3 Going Away? Trek Stache Bike Check

Here is an updated bike check for the Trek Stache in its configuration for 2019. See all the components and accessories chosen for this iteration of the build and why they were chosen.

In this video below we also discuss the removal of 29×3.0 tires from one of the major mountain bike tire manufacturer’s 2019 catalog. Does this mean 29×3.0 is on its way out?

In this video we discuss a few items shown in prior videos.

First is the Maxxis Minion DHR2 29×3.0 tire. Here is the video where we presented why this was our favorite tire of 2018:

The Timber! MTB Bell was also mentioned. It is our favorite way to notify other trail users of our location on the trail. It can be turned on and off very quickly and rings out very loudly. Here is our video sharing more about that accessory:

XT Trail pedals were also mentioned. We compared the two latest models of XT Trail pedals from Shimano in the video below. They appear to be very very similar and though the differences are pretty minor, they were worth discussing.

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