How to Save Photos from Strava? 10 Steps to Success!

Lately I have been challenging myself to stop and take more photos while out on my rides. Often, I find myself either riding so hard to reach a goal (location, distance, time constraint) that I don’t want to stop to break for any photos at all. A couple rides went by in years past without photos and now I cannot remember the details of those rides much at all. However, if a photo was taken while on the ride, I remember the past rides much better. This past year, I think I have remembered to take at least one photo on every ride and have uploaded it with my route on Strava. I love being able to remember the rides better because of this!

One problem remained however. I would delete these photos from my camera’s SD card or my phone (or I purchased a new phone) and now my only copies of those photos remains on Strava. Usually this is just fine, but there are photos I want to have copies of, or share with people directly, or post on social media. How do I download my photos from Strava?

Well, its actually quite simple and pretty quick.

  1. Open the ride with the photos you want to download in Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click the photo thumbnails at the top, above the map, but below the title and description.

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  3. Right click on any photo once they open and choose “Inspect”.
  4. Hit Ctrl + F and type in the search bar: var photosJson
  5. right beneath this var photosJson, you will see a large block of text. Highlight and copy this section (through the “var viewableCount” portion).
  6. Paste this block of text into a text window (blank email, word document, blank text file, etc.). Its just temporary.
  7. After pasting it into a new text document or email, highlight the portion that starts immediately after “large”: “. Copy this html path that starts with https: and ends with .jpg. Make sure not to copy the quotes.
  8. paste that https:……jpg path into a new window. The image should open and display.
  9. Right click on this image and choose “Save image as…”
  10. Navigate to where you would like to save the image on your computer, name it, and save it. Done!

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