Haphazard Bikepacking – Commuter’s Bedroll


Carrying things on your bike doesn’t always need to be a well planned out affair with the best gear, ideal bags, or perfect route. Sometimes it’s adventurous to make due with what you have to accomplish a particular goal. In the three videos below, I decided to bring you along to show my haphazardly assembled bikepacking setup. It’s not ideal and normally I would have brought a proper setup with a full handlebar bag or harness and dry bag, but I had the Revelate pocket in my backpack already. I had used that pocket the the week before on a ride when I had kept some everyday essentials in it. Since I had many things that I needed for my day within it,  I decided to just throw it in my backpack for work, jump on the bike, and go. Once I got to work I had an idea about bringing more items home with me that I wanted to have for the weekend.
Let me explain with these short videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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