MTB Tip of the Week – Episode 9: Experiment or Never Know

This is Episode 9 in an ongoing series of videos we will be posting regularly to share our mountain biking tips and tricks with our subscribers.

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EPISODE 9: Experiment or You’ll Never Know

Many of you may be coming to this site and reading this MTB Tip of the Week to gain knowledge without necessarily having to experiment much with myriad of equipment and components out there. You may have found this page from reading one of our reviews on a bike like the Surly Krampus or Marin Pine Mountain. Reading reviews and our Tip of the Week can be extremely useful and that is the point of us making these videos and articles, but there is no knowledge that will be as valuable as a first hand experience. Once you recognize that its ok to try something different, even if the guys who ride with you regularly give you a weird look (I got one of those on Monday!), then you will find what truly works for you. I have only found what works for me by trying different things. Many things I have tried, I will never try again. Many things, however, are very difficult to surrender because they work so well for me. I will try new things and find if they work better or worse. Occasionally I have even tried things again that I wrote off years ago.


Watch the video below and let me know what you think.




What are you looking forward to trying in 2016?

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Have fun, try different things.



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