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The ESI Chinky & Race grips have served me well for many seasons upon my mountain bikes with flat bars.
ESI also offers a drop bar tape called the RCT Wrap. It is constructed with the same Made in the USA, 100% Silicone as their straight handlebar grips, but in a tape form that can be wrapped around drop bars, aero bars, or other alternative bars like the Jones Loop Bar. This seemed like a great product to test for long distance dirt road and mellow singletrack riding that is so common on long, all day rides and bikepacking routes.
RCT stands for Road, Cyclocross, Triathlon.

The instructions on the back were essential to getting a nice setup with the RCT Wrap on my Salsa Cowchipper flared drop bars. The drop bars on a mountain bike give numerous hand positions and allow for great control. Bar tape like the RCT Wrap from ESI is essential to maintaining this control, with its tacky grip. At the same time, adding some comfort to the bars with a cushioning material contributes to the control by reducing fatigue, discomfort, and numbness of the hands when riding over rough terrain.
After riding for 9 miles, I decided to shoot the end of this video with my thoughts, but after finishing that ride and an additional 22 miles this morning, I can say that this drop bar wrap is amazing. Very comfortable and grippy!
I hope it proves to be durable. Time will tell and I will post updates as the RCT Wrap ages. Please subscribe on YouTube and hit the bell to be notified when I post up videos so you don’t miss the updates and additional reviews of many other items that manufacturers are sending us this spring and summer.

Enjoy the ride!

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