5 Unique Cycling Gifts Under $50

The gifts listed below are a carefully selected group of unique cycling gifts that, in all likelihood, you will not find on too many other cycling gift lists.

These are gifts from small companies that have worked hard to innovate and create items that could change a small part of your cycling experience in a very big way.

Whether it allows you to get out in conditions that you would otherwise avoid, ride more relaxed between technical sections, stay hydrated longer, or carry supplies in places you never thought of, we hope that these products will help you get out and ride more!

Just to be clear, we are never paid to promote products. We strive to produce the highest quality, unbiased, honest reviews in order to help other riders make educated choices about available products.

Here is the video that shows each of the items listed below the video. Scroll down to each item to view more details on why we carefully selected and recommended them.

1. Dawn Patrol Double Digits Kit from TASCO-MTB

These gloves and socks are designed for the cool mornings we have during the winter months here in Southern California. The ideal temperature range is probably 40-60F although you could push the edges of that range for sure.

The gloves have a micro fleece liner on the top of the hands and are windproof as well as water resistant.

The palm is made from a single layer of synthetic leather with silicone printed fingers, thumbs, and palms for extra grip. The entire glove is conductive for use with touch screens and they feature a microfiber thumb wipe for your face. The closure is a no velcro neoprene that will ensure a quick on/off and keep from snagging on the rest of your apparel.

The socks are made from a merino wool blend that is naturally anti-bacterial and even after long rides in my old shoes, these socks will not hold and odor. They have nylon reinforcements on the toes and heels for durability and they feel great. There is none of that itchy wool sweater feel at all and they are very breathable while still adding some warmth to your feet. The socks ride a little higher than most which is nice when wearing knee warmers instead of full leg warmers on those cool days.

Check out my Dawn Patrol Double Digits Kit – First Look video, shown below, for a closer look. A full review will be posted soon in the months to come after many more cool morning test rides, but after a half dozen rides, I can already highly recommend this kit.

Retail on the Dawn Patrol Double Digits Kit is $50 and they can be purchased at https://www.tasco-mtb.com/products/dawn-patrol-double-digits-glove-sock-kit-black-inversion


2. Carbon Hinged TOGS by TOGS, LLC

The Carbon Hinged TOGS (Thumb Over Grip System) are made in the USA, and a great solution for any mountain biker looking to relax their hands via a slightly different hand position while still remaining in control. Though I was skeptical and wondered at first how much I would like them on various bikes through a variety of trails, I was pleasantly surprised at how they changed my riding for the better. It is truly amazing how such a small change in hand position can help you relax and prepare for the next section of trail.




I most commonly take advantage of the TOGS while climbing, or on a less technical, flatter section of trail where I feel confident to have my thumb over the bar. I rode like this for years before trying TOGS, but would just use the edge of my grips or brake lever clamps to keep control for lateral, side to side movement. I needed to grip the bar significantly to feel like I had enough control for any small bump however. With TOGS, I no longer have to. I can completely relax my four fingers on each hand while using my thumbs and palms to keep complete control of the bars on the less technical sections, all the while still being able to brake with my index fingers if needed. I still prefer to keep my thumbs below the bar for highly technical sections, which I am able to hit even more aggressively since my hands rest and relax so much more between those sections when on the TOGS.

Check out my TOGS First Look & Unboxing video, shown below, for a closer look. A full review will be posted soon in the weeks to come.

Retail on the Carbon Hinged TOGS is $30. You can find out more and purchase TOGS at https://togs.com/products/carbon-togs

3. LiterCage by Widefoot Designs

The LiterCage is also made in the USA. It allows you to carry 1 liter bottles anywhere that you find a water bottle cage mount, or 3 bolt accessory mount. Some full suspension or small hardtail frames may not fit the LiterCage, but accessory mounts such as the SKS Anywhere Mounts will allow you to mount the LiterCage on the underside of your frame’s downtube if it doesn’t already have a water bottle mount located there.


Carrying a full Nalgene or Hydroflask on my trail bike has really changed how far into the wilderness I can travel effectively, especially on hot or dry days. In San Diego, it’s hot for half the year, and dry for most of the other months. Carrying enough water on my bike has always been a concern and often dictated my route choice in order to refill my two water bottles. Not as much any more. Fitting one regular water bottle and one LiterCage with a 1 liter bottle is now my M.O. I then will refill the regular water bottle as needed throughout the ride with the 1 liter bottle that is carried via the LiterCage. As I mentioned in my LiterCage review video, shown below, I found that bringing piping hot coffee or tea out on the trail during the winter months in a Hydroflask insulated 1 liter bottle can a special treat to warm you up when you stop on a frosty morning to take in the view along your ride.

Retail on the LiterCage is $25 and they can be purchased at


4. Halo Anti-Freeze Pullover by Halo Headband

The Halo Anti-freeze Headband provides full ear coverage for cold or windy weather while incorporating a patented technology to keep sweat out of the eyes. It is sewn and printed in the U.S.A. and works great under helmets. It features the patented Sweatblock Seal that channels sweat away from the eyes. Dryline fabric is soft, wicking, and dries quickly. One size fits all. The Halo Anti-freeze Pullover Headband long term review video is shown below.

5 years of testing are shared in this video.

Retail on the Halo Anti-freeze is $19 and they can be purchased at



5. Fork Cork by Miles Wide Industries

The Fork Cork by Miles Wide is a clever device, made in the USA, allowing cyclists to store small items in a previously unused space on the bike: the fork steerer tube.



I found that a gel pack, small tools, zip ties, emergency/survival items, drink mix pouches, first aid items, and bicycle repair items can be stored in this space. Not only does the Fork Cork keep these items in the space, it also keeps mud, water, and dust out of the steerer tube. It is easily removed and installed as needed, yet remains secure via an expanding neoprene washer. It has a very high quality, anodized aluminum look and feel and weighs only 25 grams.

Check out my Fork Cork – First Look video, shown below, for a closer look. A full review will be posted soon in the months to come after many more test rides with stashed supplies, but after a few rides, I can already recommend the Fork Cork as a great gift for any cyclist looking for a little bit more storage in a space that already exists on the bike.

Retail on the Fork Cork is $30 and they can be purchased at



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Wishing you all the best!




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