29+ Philosophy and Long-Term Surly Krampus Review

While out riding mountain bikes at Black Mountain in San Diego, CA, I caught up with Eli from the LBS, Black Mountain Bicycles, to capture his opinion and experiences from riding the Surly Krampus over the last 3 years. While many of us have experience with riding the plus-bike platforms for a few months, possibly even a year or more, there are very few riders who invested in the Krampus early on like Eli did. Hopefully you will find his long-term experience valuable as I know I did.


  • benhandrich Posted November 6, 2015 8:56 am

    Awesome review; thanks for sharing. In another youtube review you did on the Krampus with a friend of yours, he mentioned a number of manufacturers who are currently working on front suspension for the Krampus; however, outside of the Magnum Manitou, I’m unaware of any forks currently made to fit the 29+ platform. Do you know soenthing I don’t, and if so, please share!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of front suspension on my Krampus, but do not want fork out (pun intended) $1,000+ for the Manitou, not to mention a new thru-axle, rim, and everything else entailed by that fork.

    • RideAlongside Posted February 3, 2016 6:44 am

      Ben, thanks for the kind words! I hope we have gained you as a subscriber. It seems that Fox has their Boost 34 which should fit just about anything. Weston, my friend with the Krampus in the studio, has recently put a Fox 32 on his. While the clearance isn’t great (not enough to run knards or chronicles), he is finding great success with the Panaracer-fat-b-nimble Fat B Nimble 29×3. It is pretty narrow for a plus tire, but has great grip and is pretty lightweight. The first generation of FBN tires seemed to have delicate casings for rocky terrain (there is a review we posted a while back), but riders are reporting back that they are experiencing better durability in the last few months. The MRP Stage fork is another good contender. Please also check out our Plus Bike Data for Checking Compatability tab on http://www.RideAlongside.com , then open the table, and check out the 29+ forks tab. That is where we will be posting more data as it comes in and there is more every month. Thanks again and ride on!

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