$25 of Kindness for All Trail Users – 1 Year Review

Building solid relationships with other trail users was never anything I thought I could buy. While it still requires patience, perseverance, and some awkwardness at times, kindness is more easily achieved by putting a Timber! MTB Bell on the handlebars. At least that is what I have found over the last year or so while testing this wonderful bell that can be silenced at the push of a lever.

When I initially purchased this bell, I was pretty excited. I had used the typical “Bear Bell” on my handlebars for years. While bear bells are effective at ringing out while you ride down the trail and notify other trail users and wildlife of your impending approach, they are not always easy to turn off when you are climbing, on the road, or in an area where a bell simply does not need to ring out to warn others. The Timber! MTB Bell had promises of being fully ON or fully OFF at the flick of a switch. Here is my First Look video looking at its packaging, describing why I was excited to test it, and viewing what features I found interesting:

Now that I have been using the bell for over a year, I figured it was time to share how it has been working, what I liked or disliked about it, how it held up to over a year of hard riding, and how it brings kindness to other trail users:

We purchased this product with our own funds for testing purposes and we are never paid to promote products. We strive to produce the highest quality, unbiased, honest reviews in order to help other riders make educated choices about available products.

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