2019 Specialized Stumpjumper: 5 New Features!

This week, we heard about the new Stumpjumper for 2019.  Below are 5 new features that will make this bike the topic of many conversations on the trails in the coming years.

First, what we are most excited about is that the new Stumpjumper for 2019 will apparently have clearance for 29×2.8 tires!  There will be a 27.5 model and this 29 model, but the better buy will be the 29″ because it will accommodate a greater range of wheel and tire sizes, as shown in the tire width diagram from Specialized below. The 29″ models are rumored to have enough clearance for a 29×2.8, but this has not yet been tested. Specialized has said they will definitely fit a 27.5×3.0 however! Note, Specialized is specifying 2.6″ tires on the 29 inch models and does not recommend anything larger than 29×2.6.


Second, Specialized has taken the asymmetrical, single-sided rear suspension design of their downhill rig, the Specialized Demo and applied it to the 2019 Stumpjumper. We initially heard they designed the seat tube on one side of the shock. Kind of like Cannondale has the Lefty fork just on one side (the left side) of the front wheel, more like the Specialized Demo model. The Specialized design has the top tube of frame only on the drive side (right side) of the rear shock.

See the video below to see the asymmetrical, single-sided rear suspension of the Specialized Demo in action:

Third, with the newly designed rear suspension frame, Specialized has apparently shaved 100 grams off their carbon Stumpjumper frames for 2019! That is a decent amount of weight to shave off an already lightweight frame. They say that it is weight off the rear swing arm, which should make the bike feel even more lively than it would if it was off a more central location, like the bottom bracket for instance. We will see if there is much variation in the weight savings between frame sizes, but regardless, that is an amazing reduction in frame weight. They have added some nubs to the top of the chain stay protector that apparently prevents a “belly flop” of the chain against a flat chain stay by adding wave-like humps that cause less of the chain to hit the chain stay. Not sure if this allows more of the frame weight to be removed, but I was glad to see that they kept the SWAT door in the down tube. Apparently they have increased the SWAT storage by 20%! New cable routing has been vastly improved as well. Apparently it is super easy to thread cables or brake lines through the frame without any hassle, put it in at the head tube and see it come out the chain stay. Mechanics will love this! Also, THREADED BOTTOM BRACKETS! Thanks for listening Specialized. 🙂


Fourth,  Specialized designed this new Stumpjumper with a reversible “Flip Chip” link similar to the Trek “Mino-Link” for changing geometry. This allows for half a degree change to the head tube and 6mm change in bottom bracket height. Instead of the 67 degree head tube angle and 330mm bottom bracket height from 2018, now the SJ will have 65.5/66.5 degree head tube angles, and 336/342 mm bottom bracket heights. Below is an explanation of how Trek’s Mino-Link works:


Fifth, Specialized has decided to use a non-proprietary shock, eyes on both ends, no more “AUTOSAG”, and they changed the hardware so that the pivot bolts are going to be the same. You won’t have 20 different bolts. This doesn’t sound all that special at first, but it is huge when you consider all the options it gives and your mechanic is going to love working on your 2019 Stumpjumper, which should translate into you being able to get your bike back from the shop and out onto the trails sooner.

Thats all for now! Thanks for your support.

Stay tuned for an update with a video complete with media & details directly from Specialized. They sent me some photos and all the specs, but I have a night ride tonight with my Linked Cycling crew and would rather go ride with them investing my time in long term gains tonight. The video should be up very very soon!

We should have more insider info in the weeks and months to come. Both on this bike and other new models from many manufacturers, so stay tuned and sign up for our email updates on the right hand sidebar if you haven’t already!


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